Redesigning 49, aka Julie Spezia, is a blog about a mid-life transition.  Julie recently left her job as an Executive Director for a vibrant and important nonprofit to move to New Zealand in search of a new way of living.  With children grown and work-stress uncomfortable, she made the leap to experience a lifelong dream of living abroad.

After 5 glorious months in St Heliers, Auckland New Zealand, Julie returned home on Christmas Day 2011 to regroup.  She is now working in Sacramento, CA and applying for a work/visa from the States while she saves for her second attempt at living in New Zealand.

Her life purpose is not living abroad, rather to live experiencing God and living life more fully.  She is learning that it is easier to redesign one’s life in a new place (like St. Heliers) than in place.  And yet, if she can make real change happen in Sacramento then watch out when she gets back to New Zealand!

Julie recently started a second blog: http://deltatourist.wordpress.com about her adventures in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta.

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