Best Brunch in Santa Cruz: Assembly

Truth in advertising: I went to Assembly for brunch because my mother sent me. The restaurant’s creator, Kendra Baker, is my Step-Dad’s grandniece (if such a thing exists). My mom has been telling me about her ice cream shop, Penny’s, and her bakery/take away place and now her restaurant. We are in town for Chris Guillebeau’s book event, so my friend and I succumbed to Mom pressure and tried Assembly.

Wow! Glad we did. The restaurant is in an old building right on the main shopping street, Pacific Avenue, and yet has the clean lines and light of a more modern building. There is outside seating; however, the overcast coastal sky drove us indoors.

On Sundays the brunch menu offers both breakfast and lunch options. We shared the fried green tomatoes: Fresh, hot, decadent, with or without the tasty dipping sauce. Then we each ate most of a melt-in-your mouth hamburger with pickled onions and special sauce. The fries were terrific and tasted like the potato was recently sacrificed. The ice tea was also excellent and the server took us seriously when we asked for extra ice.

The service was terrific. What a relief to be able to tell my Mom that we had a super experience. The prices are not pretentious: $12 for a gourmet burger; $4 for a generous serving of fried green tomatoes.

Fried green tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes at Assembly in Santa Cruz

My friend Connie (who has no family obligation) is going to bring her friends next time they all meet up in Santa Cruz. She also helped me land on a name for my MINI: Ivy.

Mini Cooper S to be named Ivy

Meet Ivy.

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