3 thoughts on “Vote for My MINI Name

  1. Cars are like animals. They have a difficult time learning complicated names. Keep it simple. Not for your car, but remember the classic American names for cars were Bessie, Nellie, Lizzie and Ginny. Maybe Ginny was a mule rather than a car. I haven’t met your car so I don’t know its personality. I consider names like Abby, Maggie, Indie, and Annie to be British. My favorite from literature is Tessie. Does you car have a personality like any of the characters from British literature?

    • Oh the challenge! Especially because I know women at church named Ginny and Dorothy, and I don’t know how they’d feel if I said my car shared their name?! Thanks for the input though. Giving me more ideas to consider.

  2. Well, we can’t see any of the “Other” options … bummer.

    There may be some real winners in there!!!

    But, as she is a real beauty, is emerald green, and is the prize after a long road of toil … she seems to be the emerald city of sorts! I vote for Dorothy … “Dot” or “Dottie” … not necessarily British, but not exclusively American.

    Good Luck! And have fun!

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