Shaking it off.

Stay and recover in an ocean that always has sharks.

Stay and recover in an ocean that always has sharks.

I am feeling much better than in my last post.  I had to work hard to “stay and recover” and some of the stuff I tried was mainly a diversion from experiencing my feelings. One of the things that helped the most: chatting on-line with my friend Mara and rewriting the story I was telling myself. I went from body surfer who needed a lifeguard, to body-surfer who needed to take a break on my boogie board before going at it again.  Then I read Annie Lamott’s October 12 post on facebook.  I literally “shook it off” and felt much better.

The best cure of all was making a pre-reservation for a Trek Bicycle Tour during the Tour de France. Nothing perks me up more than travel planning.  Talking to Emily at Trek Tours in Madison, WI, I realized that 1) I have got to learn more about cycling and improve my skills; 2) to truly enjoy the trip I need to be more cycling fit; and 3) I have to know more than 24 phrases in French.

Serendipity strikes again. I fired up WordPress and one of the bloggers I follow, Jackofalltrips, blogged on learning French in 30 days. And included this awesome Ted Talk by Matt Cutts.

What will you try for 30 days?

10 thoughts on “Shaking it off.

  1. this reminds of a new-to-me teacher thing: “genius hour”, where kids get to spend time studying what they want for one hour (daily? weekly? whatever you can find). we need to give ourselves a genius hour, or at least an enrichment hour. i like it. and i like the 30 day challenge. doable.

  2. AWESOME Julie! Love the metaphor and photo. I wish we lived closer so we could cycle together. I am looking forward to Fall cycling here in Colorado 🙂 That TED Talk is a great one. French every day maybe for 30 days eh? HA HA HA

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