Postcard from Oamaru, New Zealand

I arrived in New Zealand yesterday for 10 days of penguin viewing, travel blogging, visiting with friends, and World of Wearable Art in Wellington with UK Sarah.  I will blogging in some detail on  I hope you are able to “follow me”.

Waiting for yellow eyed penguins

Waiting for yellow eyed penguins

This morning I woke up early to go Bushy Beach in Oamaru to watch the yellow eyed penguin walk from its nest in the bush across the sand to the sea.  I had a quiet, solitary hour listening to birds, watching a mother fur seal and baby snooze on the beach, and just about the time I felt like a popsicle, one solo penguin appeared and sauntered across to the sea.  Like so many things in life, the sweetest rewards come with patience.

I need to check out, so I best wrap up. I am pushing the limits of check out so I could finish watching the America’s Cup.  People here are close to nervous breakdown. No relief today. It is all on the line in tomorrow’s one race. Sudden death!




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