The Joyful Couple

The Joyful Couple

Just after being introduced as Marcos and Sarah Dolislager, the happy couple express their joy.

Our culture often says one’s wedding day is the happiest days in our lives. Among my happiest days (measured by the smile plastered on my face) is the day Sarah was born, and this day, March 22, 2013.

It was wonderful to see the days unfold just as Sarah and Marcos planned and intended. Everything worked out from the weather cooperating so Sarah could fulfill her dream of marrying under an oak tree, to the full on dancing at the reception. I loved every minute.

I am filled with gratitude for the man that Neila and Leon reared. Marcos is a man of God, full of integrity and knows how to work hard. He has dreams for himself and for the family he is building with Sarah. Most of all he cherishes my daughter. It feels great to take a deep breath and expand our family to include him and his family.

It is good.

5 thoughts on “The Joyful Couple

  1. Beautiful. I say things are good sometimes and Chip says to me, isn’t it better than good? I hear in your “It is good” what I mean by good: the fully grounded, stable knowing sense that things are enough and as they should be. It’s a humbling feeling of blessings and gratitude.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment. I love how the pastor behind them is smiling with that same sense of, “This is good!”


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