Kubb at Camp Mattole

You are probably scratching your head after my last post wondering “What in the world is Kubb?”  or “How do I play?”  I cannot describe it very well–I tried to explain to Tevis and finally said, “Wait until my video comes out.”

Here it is:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n78be1iBsGY&feature=plcp

It may not be enough to help you understand the rules.  For this I refer you to this funny video:

My friend Susie in Sweden says it is played frequently at BBQs and parties.   In the U.S. it is mainly played by hipsters (direct quote from Kate Bickford).  There is a national championship in Wisconsin (something to aspire to).

It is the perfect game for Independence Day parties like the one I am missing in McKinleyville today.  Happy Independence Day everyone.  Enjoy your freedom to whack the Kubb King without being arrested.

One thought on “Kubb at Camp Mattole

  1. Who knew that something SO GEEKY that your grandma forces you to play in the backyard during the summer would be played by hipsters! Aspects of Swedish culture that I’ve hidden from public scrutiny my whole life are coming to light … only to be cool! Amazing.

    Pretty soon, lutfisk will be a culinary delight and dance band music will make its way to the Broadway stage and silver screen — oh wait, it has!

    Is it true? The years of grimacing in shame for being a Swede are over???

    Who woulda thunk it?

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