Molecules Settling In

There is absolutely no scientific support for it, but I have always thought that air travel causes jet lag because it takes a while for my molecules to reassemble themselves.  Of course there is jet-lag from long distance travel that has something to do with the change in time zones and our internal clock set to sunrise and sunset.  There is also my molecule theory.  When I began to travel more often down to Los Angeles or San Diego and back in a day I would marvel at how much it sapped my energy.  This was more evidence in support of my personal molecule theory–like the flakes in a snow globe after shaking–they have to resettle.

I am so convinced of my theory that I cannot watch someone transport on Star Trek or travel by portkey in a Harry Potter adventure without shuddering.  

After three weeks in our new place I am beginning to feel like my molecules are settling down.  It is a lovely place to live (especially the trees).  Saturday I went on a bike ride along the American River Parkway, which is literally a stone’s throw from our home.  Wow, what an asset!  Here are some snaps:




I feel good that by collaborating with Sarah Harriet, we are going to enjoy some time together, I can support her until graduation from college in December, and she and Marcos will have a great place to live when they marry in March.  Plus Radar and Chaplin are settling in well and do not have to move again for awhile.  


One thought on “Molecules Settling In

  1. Looks quite serene and peaceful. I lived there briefly in 1972! And I’ve had many friends who lived in Selby Ranch, over the years. I love to walk Mamie along the river, so let’s set up a play date for the “kids!” Also, please tell Sarah Harriet that I attended Faith Legacy this a.m. and really felt comfortable, led, blessed, and like it could eventually become my church home. Since I went from there to another location, I drove, which is silly. It took me 3 minutes! 🙂 Thanks as usual for the great post, Julie.

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