Stay Curious

Landing in San Francisco on Christmas Day and reliving it with Sarah Harriet and her boyfriend Marcos was lovely and discombobulating.  I adjusted to the time zone but I still am not sure what day it is.  I have enjoyed spending time with family and friends, although my spirits have been a little depressed.  I wake up in the morning and do that mental search that you do when you do a lot of business travel and wake up in strange hotel rooms… “where am I? Oh yeah, Sarah’s house in Sacramento.”

I drove up to Arcata for New Years Eve and Day with Harriet, Brian and Nora.  It was therapeutic to dance in the new year.  I read other people’s resolutions for 2012 on Twitter and Facebook and on the long drive home I tried to come up with my own.  It just was not happening.  So much of my life is a mystery right now.  Where will I work and live?  For how long?  Will I get back to New Zealand?  When?

My intention is continue to redesign my life and itt is a work in progress.  Living without a car is so much harder here–especially when there is one at hand to use.  I am applying for lots of different kinds of work.  I realized this morning in conversation with my friend Connie that my resolve for 2012 is very simple: stay curious.

I started a list of things I learned while living in New Zealand.  I used to scoff at Oprah Winfrey’s “Things I Know for Sure” because I thought what we know for sure is so often situational or true for this moment until data to the contrary is revealed. However, I can say I know these things (they have been tested!):

  • My son and daughter are even more fabulous than I ever thought possible.
  • I have great friends–truly great friends.
  • I  use $16 face cream instead of expensive Estee Lauder face cream.
  •  I can live without a car.
  • I like walking everywhere.
  • I can live where it rains all the time (hey Portland!)
  • Google+ hangouts and Skype are the best invention of the decade.
  • My Kindle program on my iPad is brilliant.
  • Libraries are even more brilliant.
  • Shopping locally is deeply satisfying.
  • The US Postal Service could save a lot of expenses and maybe a few jobs by switching from motor vehicles to bicycles.  (The Posties in NZ do it even with scary steep hills–and their calendar, if they had one, might rival the firemen!)
  • Line drying my clothes is easy.
  • I can make friends–truly great friends–anywhere.


One thought on “Stay Curious

  1. great post as usual. couple of comments/questions: 1. I couldn’t tell your spirits were a little depressed. You are such an encourager and you didn’t show this to us the other night, you were so outwardly focused (which is why it’s easy for you to make friends anywhere!). 2. What’s a hangout? Is it a techie thing (since it’s in the list including Google and Skype)? 3. I can hire you for a very little bit of money to help put in an organic garden at the Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility, if you want — early spring…… 🙂 4. The penguin on the card you sent me is ADORABLE and 5. THE BEST THING IN LIFE EVER IS HAVING FABULOUS CHILDREN! They reflect on your mothering, don’t you know?! 🙂

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