It’s complicated…

On the one hand, I have experienced God answering big prayers in awesome ways in the last two weeks.  Sarah Harriet ended up with two jobs–so rich in work that she could be generous and share with her roommate.  Kate’s daughter Gina got the teaching job she needed–the one with the short commute and at the school where she really wanted to work.  And I got a call from Auckland Council offering me a short-term contract.

On the other hand, I have not exhaled yet about Auckland Council, though it is the “dream” job in many ways.  I will be working with the Tamaki Transformation Programme (more on that in a future post).  First though I have to work through many hoops to get my work permit.  And hope that Nandita, who will be my supervisor at Auckland Council, is willing to go through the hassle.  All in a time and space when it seems everyone goes on leave.

When Christmas is in the summer, as it is here.  Then school is out for the summer break and holidays.  Apparently it is much like between Christmas and New Years with the  added “bug out” of an August in France during January.  Thus getting my paperwork done will be an extra challenge.

So I ask you to keep praying for me to get a job.  If anything, you can pray more specifically that I work well with the Medicine agency who is charged to figure this out and that NZ Immigration processes the paperwork quickly.  (I will count it as a miracle if they do!)

I would say “Nothing that is worthwhile is easy.”  Except that sometimes it is easy, and sometimes not.  And persistence and patience are virtues I will keep practicing.

Meanwhile, while I waited for the call from Auckland Council I went for a walk along the bay.  It was SO BEAUTIFUL today: blue sky with fluffy white clouds, pohutakawa trees starting to bloom, the sea a brilliant color.*  So beautiful that if beauty were like drinking water, then I was drinking from a fire hose.  It helped me remember that it will all be worth it if I can find a way to stay.

*Before you chide me about not providing a photograph–I do not think there is a camera invented that could have captured how stupendously beautiful the image appeared in my mind.

One thought on “It’s complicated…

  1. i am hoping for more thirst quenching fire hose days for you and for others too! i like that very much. as brian says, life is groovy. bureaucracy isn’t but it will work out. see, you are able to get your work permit now so you’re continuing on your way.. try not to keep paying your worries forward. i know, easy to say and hard to live, but i’ve been there in similar ways and i missed some chances at drinking from the fire hose as a result. love you. and the term snail mail was invented for me. something from me to you is on its way this weekend.

    you could send a photo anyway so we at least can see what pohutakawa trees are in 2D.

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