Superfast update on job interview

Overall it went as well as hoped. Really liked the supervisors who I’d be working for and love the job itself. It’s a true community development position, much more in line with my experience. I’ve sent my gremlin who is over-analyzing how it went on a ferry ride to the outer islands. First time I’ve interviewed with people more than a decade younger. I’ve been in their shoes. It helps me to get perspective on my redesign. I should hear by Friday. They are interviewing lots of people for 3 positions. Now I just need to focus on other things until Friday. And mail my thank you notes.

One thought on “Superfast update on job interview

  1. Julie,

    I know exactly what you mean. What is really amazing is that all my new docs appear to be not only a decade younger, but perhaps 18 years old!

    Keeping fingers and toes crossed and you in my prayers!


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