Amazing Toilets of NZ

I have been impressed with New Zealand’s commitment to public toilet facilities.  They are plentiful, roomy and clean.  Whether it is the train station, restaurant, or park, you can find a convenient place to stop if you need it.  Yesterday I went with Cindy and Alli to a small town 1 hour north of Auckland to a fabulous farmers’ market at Matakana.  One of the highlights was the Matakana Toilets.

Both are for men/women/disabled persons.

I had to check it out and opening the teardrop shaped wooden door. It was like entering a loo cathedral.  It was beautifully tiled inside and wonderfully clean.  The sink was artfully done and the offered an air dryer so there was no paper litter.

Cindy explained that many of the small towns in this area take great pride in their public toilets.  And I wondered if the loos of NZ would make a good coffee table book?

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