Daily life

I am past due in sharing photos of my redesigned life.  So far in the almost 6 weeks I have lived here I have established a home and friends.  I have recreated my way of eating.  I have a library card and a bus pass.  Still I can sometimes feel discombobulated.  Less than a year ago I had not yet visited New Zealand and I was harvesting cucumbers in my garden after work.  Sarah had just returned from Colorado Springs with a bike and an interest in Bike and Build.  Tevis was working at SourceN and living during the week in San Jose.

Now I live in St Heliers, Auckland, New Zealand.

Here is a film clip of my home:

It has everything I need and is situated in the loveliest of villages just 20 minutes from the central city by bus.  This is the view from the bottom of Benbow Street on St Heliers Bay Road looking into the village and the bay beyond.

View from end of Benbow Street

And here is a close up of the village with the beloved library, 4 bakeries, a butcher, 2 travel agents, 4 realty offices, 2 bookstores, and everything else I need.  Just up the hill is St. Philips Anglican Church.  I could move somewhere else if a job required it; however, I feel more grounded by centering here and I hope I stay.

the village hub

I am only able to make such a dramatic change by being really open–to new experiences, people and places.  At the same time, it can sometimes feel like being at sea.

Putting down roots and staying open.

5 thoughts on “Daily life

  1. OK So I AM horrified by the small closet. however as you are shrinking daily I imagine you will only need a small closet. But that goes against my thought process since you should be becoming a clothes horse with such a fabulous new figure! Maybe your trick to losing weight is having the one and only refrig in the garage! Hmm I may have to try that.
    Loved the look at your place and I so loved to hear your voice and your sense of humor. I was chuckling. Sorry I’ve been incongnito – crazy week and weekend. Will write soon. love your pal always CK

  2. Those heated towel racks are the BOMB….they are finally out in the US, and too bad for Chip and I that our bathroom is too small to have one in it! Someday we will have one!!! Great tour. Love the efficiency and simlicity of your home.

  3. Hi Julie …

    I’m crazed! I can’t get the film clip to play, and BOY have I been waiting. Does it work to put it out on Facebook or some other medium? OHHHHHHHH …. please try again in another form.

    Love you,


  4. I didn’t see your toaster tongs! your place looks sweet! nice yard space. let’s see the library next! and what about yarn or fabric shops? it looks like a lovely village. i am happy for you and proud.

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