Practicing Thankfulness

It must sound strange that I need to practice being thankful, afterall I am fulfilling my dream of living abroad.  Nonetheless on my third wake-up in Auckland, I found myself needing to remind myself that I chose to be here and that there is much reason to be glad.  The sun was shining again today in Auckland.  When I stopped for lunch in Kohimarama I did not need my jacket and I did need my sunglasses for the glare coming off the bay.  I have a loving family–the Crangs (Joanne, Vaughn, Aaron and Nathan)–plus Jill and Graham–willing to help in any way.  I have enough money that I do not need panic about the higher prices for just about everything.  And a really great cup of coffee is available everywhere.

What I don’t have YET is a few kindred spirits, a place to live or a job.  I know, I know, it’s only been four days.  So I am spending some time getting to know the driven person inside me who thinks redesigning my life is a race.  I want to have it all figured out as soon as possible and this internal pressure may not serve me well.

I am beginning to realize how this move makes changing my routines much easier.  For example, I cannot get up early every morning and make a pot of decaf coffee from the fresh beans I grind.  Instead I get up after I hear the boys downstairs and then I shower and dress.  Only then do I go downstairs to make a cup of instant coffee.  And when I do have my own place I need to choose my new habits carefully because once established they take more work to change. 

I have a busy weekend ahead.  I am viewing a possible flat in St. Hilliers, going to a quiz night, checking out the Friends Meeting in Mt. Eden, and meeting up with a California connection for dinner.  I will also find some time to rest.  Although, I have noticed that I already feel better.  I have not been achey all over since the move, nor have I experienced headaches.  I am still adjusting to the timezone and so it is 7:30 p.m. and I am getting sleepy.  This is when I miss my family, friends, Radar and Chaplin the most.  Love you all more than you will ever know.

3 thoughts on “Practicing Thankfulness

  1. I don’t remember you expressing that you thought of yourself as a writer, but I have known all along that your were from your letters, postcards. I hope you are keeping a daily log especially about feelings. Your experience has book possibilities. You are going to make it, and your friends want to experience it with you through your writings.

  2. good morning julie! anytime is a good time to practice thankfulness. just reconnected with an acquaintance who told me my helping her with an imovie project and her completing it was her day’s favorite moment. she and her husband and kids share them every dinnertime. remember to stop and breathe and take it one next step. love you.

  3. Julie…..I LOVE the ease with which your heart is speaking and noticing. Feels like without the grips of pain, life is simpler, and more precious somehow……more conscious. Feels GREAT and close even with you far away. I also LOVE that my friends are taking such good care of you. Isn’t Jill’s laugh the best? I can hear it in my head every time I see her smile which is anytime I think of her or hear her name. The Kiwis are just so dang practical and straight forward too which I love. Lots of loving here. Loving you too and am so grateful you are making time to share with us. Have a GREAT Sunday and hope the friends at Mt. Elden are just what you wanted, or maybe needed. Love You. M

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