First Day in Auckland

My flight was very easy and customs a breeze. Though I had to buy a refundable ticket for November 14 when my tourist visa runs out. So the sand is running in the hour glass: must figure out path by then.

All of New Zealand is in the grip of the worst snow storm in 72 years. It is very cold and a tough transition from summer. Kiwi hospitality is off the charts, but Jo’s family keeps the house cooler than I am used to (so I’m writing under covers).

I started to sort out phone and bank. Tomorrow I’ll begin to look at places to rent and possible employment.

After Joanne picked me up at the airport at 6:15 a.m. We came to house and ate breakfast . Then after everyone left for work/school, I lay down to rest a bit. It was very discombobulating to wake up to the sound of rain and think: this is where I live now. Can’t quite wrap my head around it. 
I went for long walk that helped energize me and connect me to my dream. I took some short movies and when I figure out how I’ll add them to blog. Also writing blog on iPad so I’m not able to edit as easily. et.

2 thoughts on “First Day in Auckland

  1. I’ve had NZ time zone added to IPod for a while now so I can check at any moment to see what time it is there. Steve listened patiently to me all day Monday as I told him repeatedly that you’d lost a day–your Monday was spent flying although it was already Monday there when you left here Sunday night 🙂 Didn’t know it also snowed in Auckland; only read about Wellington. Thanks to you, I’ve had to do a needle inventory; I was like a miser counting gold on Sunday evening 🙂

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