It is not often that we are allowed a “do-over” in life.  Like the Etch-a-Sketch, sometimes what is needed is a good shake and a fresh design.  I am at a place where I am ready to do that in my life.  I love my family and friends–this is not about them.  I am exhausted by the design of my everyday life:  what I eat, how little I exercise, the lousy political environment, the ugliness of so much of my everyday life.  It is the crushing responsibility of leading a nonprofit, paying the bills, and maintaining a “lifestyle” that is sapping my energy.

So when I told someone in my leadership tribe (CTI Co-Active Leadership; Panther Tribe) for the umpteenth time that I’ve always wanted to live abroad someday.  The question came firing back, so why not today?  And there was no good reason, other than it is a hell of a lot of work to redesign your life.

I like a challenge.  And I am a little bit crazy.  I have a habit of doing things other people call “brave” that intuitively I know are the right choice for me.  A year ago I began the process of deciding where to move to in the world where the culture might support the new lifestyle I desire for the second act of my life.  My close friends and family just assumed Ireland/Northern Ireland.  Life (i.e. God) had other ideas and I am on my way to New Zealand August 14.

This blog is my way of journaling for my family and friends about my adventure.  I hope it helps us stay connected–along with Google+ and other forms of communication.  As to the name of my blog:  I am 48 years old until November 27th.  I anticipate my transformation will really set in when I am 49.  I want to redesign my life before I turn 50.  Plus as a 3rd generation Californian, the number 49 has significance.

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13 sleeps until Bon Voyage.

13 thoughts on “Do-over

  1. wow, great blog, Julie! I’m trying not to cry about you moving so far away. Keeping my smile on my face when I think about you. I too totally agree with the first paragraph of your blog, as you know, and just today had an incredible “god thing” happen in that regard, so I hope to be sharing some really exciting news within the next few weeks.

  2. Julie, I really am excited for and proud of you, but am in a bit of denial that you’re really leaving in trip weeks. As usual in these situations, my only peace is in knowing that you are following God’s lead. Glad for this blog and facebook to stay connected. Vaya con Dios, Friend!

  3. You’ve been a true friend to my mom and I’ve admired you for so long. I can only imagine the excitement before you and can’t wait to hear stories! xxSara (Constance)

  4. This is no surprise to me that you are on this adventure in your life! I cheer you on and know that I have a wonderful place to stay and a friend that is just a Skype away!!

  5. Julie…..God AND your friend Mara were all about New Zealand! HA HA HA. So excited for you. Know we’ve all got your back near or far. Love You. M

  6. It seems we are looking at your coming to NZ through the back of a mirror.Your US friends are missing you and we are looking forward to meeting you.My question (and I’m sure you are very aware of just how much a Kiwi thing this )is why here in this little backwater of the world

  7. so glad to see your new blog! sactown simplify was but a step on this journey. and time and distance with not stand in our way, altho i am still perfecting the origami map thing to reduce distances, and will keep in touch better, my friend. love that you are stepping forward in life and not standing in the whirlpool, or even ripples.

  8. Fabulous! We all can do do overs…it is more about taking the permission in hand. Perhaps a book to inform your journey – Herminia Ibarra’s “Working Identities,” which tells of many people’s paths at about our lovely ages. 🙂

  9. I’m so happy for you and sad for me. NZ is oh so far away and I strongly suspect there won’t be many chance meetings in our future. i will be praying for you and anxious to hear the amazing things that God has in store for your life do-over!
    I love you and I shall miss you so much.

  10. Well…You Have Been Busy! I luv visiting bookstores with resident cats; of course, here in U.S. that means it’s a used bookstore, not a library. so you’re learning the transit system–Good Good. Kiwi mail carrier on a bike– 🙂 maybe NZ is where our mail carrers will move when the USPS closes down. You could have hung your clothes outside at the North Street home, but where was the fun/adventure in that; doing so in NZ makes it a ‘Neat-O’ experience 🙂

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